Centrifugal Pump ACFP Series

Centrifugal Pump ACFP Series


  • Acids, fine chemicals, dyes and intermediates
  • Electroplating chemicals, effluent liquids, acid washing, etc.
  • Fruit juice, beer, wine and other beverages
  • Pharmaceutical formulations, syrups, food processing liquids, etc.
  • RO water, CM water and acid descating
  • Milk, buttermilk, vegetable oil, mineral oil, etc.
  • Petrol, kerosene, diesel and other petroleum liquids


  • Monoblock, bare pump and coupled set with motor and base frame
  • Monoblock pump in single & three phase single phase upto 1HP only
  • Pumps with flameproof motor also available
  • All standard pump with closed impeller, semi open impeller available optionally
  • Mechanical seal and pure teflon gland packing also available


  • CFP series pump are centrifugal type and hence require pirming before startup
  • Max. suction lift with foot valve – 7 meters
  • Max capacity up to 2000 LPM
  • Max operating temp 90 degree for std. pumps / 250 deg high temp type
  • Max. viscosity handling up to 1500 centipoise

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